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Studying at Home

Look inside and find
the whole world.

Welcome to the World of Kristina Langston

Are you here for self discovery?  Ready for a change?  Tired of the reoccurring patterns that keep you frustrated?  Good news.  This is a safe space surrounded by miracles.  Welcome! 




Spiritual Support

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A Video Journey of Interviews

Intentional Manifestation Circles

Support your manifestations with intention and community support

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Kristina Langston

I am Kristina Langston, an intuitive, a healer and a facilitator for the Soul's expression of Self.

I create and lead 3-day weekend retreats that:

  • heal the wounded and worn places inside of us

  • ground and reconnect women to love

  • restore women's ability to express, act, and see what's possible again.​


Unique from beginning to end, these retreats create an atmosphere of nurturing, appreciation and honoring. They allow equal room for grief, joy and laughter. And they always incorporate a creativity that goes home with you.

Created and facilitated by me, the retreats invite participants to connect in a deep way that combines guidance, profound listening, healthy provocation, and intense love. My three simple tenets to this approach are:

  • I am not here to teach you anything,

  • I lead inquiry and help you rediscover what you already knew.

  • I will challenge you with the intention of supporting you as you break through the limits you don’t know you have. I commit to be fully present to your growth.


These retreat experiences restore women’s ability to express, see what’s possible again, and to act. 

Love is the foundation for all I do - 

and I am here to hold that sacred space for you…

A place we visit regularly and consistently.


Life is short, experiences like these shape futures.

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Thanks for reaching out!

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