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Soul's Expression Membership: Unleash Your True Potential

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery? Join the exclusive Soul's Expression Membership and experience a profound awakening of your innermost self. Led by an expert facilitator dedicated to your growth, this membership offers a unique blend of immersive group calls and personalized transformative experiences. Break free from the shackles of limitation and rediscover the brilliance that lies within you.

Membership Benefits:

  1. Provocative Group Calls: Delve into the depths of your being during our weekly 1-hour group calls. Unleash your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations as you engage in spirited discussions with a community of like-minded individuals. Together, we'll explore the uncharted territories of self-expression, fostering a collective bond that fuels growth and inspires breakthroughs.

  2. Choose Your Monthly Experience:

    • Tarot Card Reading

    • Reiki - Unleash Your Energy

    • Personalized Meditations

    • Private Breakthrough Sessions

Membership Details:

  • Investment: Enroll in the Soul's Expression Membership for a monthly fee of $25 (additional item costs not included).

  • Group Call Schedule: Engage in our captivating 1-hour group calls every week, setting aside dedicated time to fuel your personal growth.

  • Choose Your Transformation: Each month, select one of the extraordinary experiences offered to further amplify your journey of self-realization.  

  • Flexible Scheduling: Coordinate your chosen additional item to suit your availability and preferences, ensuring a seamless experience.


Commitment to your Evolution:

As your dedicated facilitator, I am committed to igniting your growth and guiding you towards uncharted territories of self-expression. Prepare to shatter the barriers that hinder your progress, as we embark on a transformational voyage together. With unwavering support, I will help you rediscover the innate wisdom that resides within, paving the way for a profound realization of your true potential.

Join the Soul's Expression Membership today and set forth on an extraordinary odyssey of self-discovery, empowerment, and limitless expansion. Unleash your true potential and ignite the flame of your soul's expression.

To secure your membership, register below.


For further information, contact me at

Tarot Card Reading

Peer into the mystical realm of Tarot as you uncover hidden truths and receive profound insights into your life's journey. Allow the ancient wisdom of the cards to guide your path and illuminate your next steps. Cost: $35  per reading.

Tarot Cards

Reiki Session - Unleash your Energy

Immerse yourself in the gentle yet powerful healing energy of Reiki. Whether in person or through distance sessions, experience the revitalizing touch that restores balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Cost: $45 per session.

Image by Diego PH

Personalized Meditation

Elevate your consciousness through personalized meditations tailored to your specific needs. Immerse yourself in a transcendent journey that awakens your innermost wisdom, allowing you to tap into the infinite potential that resides within you. Cost: $45 per meditation.

Buddha Statue

   Private Breakthrough Session

Uncover the depths of your untapped potential during a 30-minute personal session. Guided by Kristina, together we will unravel the layers of your soul, challenge your limits, and ignite your path to self-discovery. Cost: $75 per session.

self discovery.jpg

It is exciting to step into a new future,
and I thank you for your trust.

Complete the form below for the membership,  Payment for a Monthly Experience is handled separately.

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